Francis and Mary’s theme, composed by Trevor Morris, is featured in their most prominent scenes, such as 1x04, by the lakeside, 1x07, Francis telling Mary he loves her, 1x08, Francis’ proposal, and 1x13, Mary reuniting with Francis.

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Mary and Matthew Tv Tropes [x]


The Price of Pretending to Work

“The most dangerous way to lose time is not to spend it having fun, but to spend it doing fake work.”

– Paul Graham

This week, Maggie illustrates a quote from Alain de Botton.

"I write. The longer I live, the more convinced I’ve become that I cultivate my truest self in this one way."

—Tom Chiarella (via writingquotes)


we could all use a little tenderness



The Bletchley Circle 2x01 - Blood on their hands: Part1

(Awesome ladies solving crime awesomely… with science)

And math! And archival research!

"…Plausible deniability"


true that.


“Jump off the cliff and build your wings on the way down.” The secret of life and love, according to Ray Bradbury. (via)